I was going through a terrible breakup and had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. After interviewing a few attorneys I did not feel comfortable; however, when I met Chad Edwards I felt I had met the right person. He has done a fantastic job and always answered my questions. I am almost finished and am five months away from my discharge and could not have been happier with the way Chad handled my situation. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest hard working attorney. 

Peter L.

I’m not proud of the Bankruptcy filing, but there is no one that deserves a testimonial better than you! Chad is a wonderful lawyer, this was a very difficult decision for me. As a business woman filing bankruptcy was very painful. Chad made it all easy,  he was responsive and always had my best interest at heart. We had very positive results, because with him, you are not a number. Chad takes special interest in each of his clients. If you ever have to face what I faced, I hope you have Super Chad on your side!


It finally downed on me, the unthinkable had happened and the only way now seemed to me to file for bankruptcy.  I checked out and read every book in the library and realized it is a very detailed process to do it right.  I needed help and checked several attorneys.  They looked at the computer to answer my questions and were not very affordable under the circumstances.  Then I saw an ad for Chad Edwards.  He answered all my questions promptly and was less expensive than the others.  Chad Edwards is very organized, steered me in the right direction at every step of the process and did it all in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Chad Edwards for his professional attitude and all the help he gave me at every step of the way.  I am sure he will represent you well


The Bankruptcy Group provided personalized and professional services. Attorney Chad Edwards exhibited experience and knowledge in the field of bankruptcy. The quality of service is unbeatable for the low price. I would definitely recommend this firm to everyone.